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The Green Roadblock

It is pretty hard to understand what is going on with our government these days. Our economic system is on the verge of collapse, the American People are clamoring for swift action, and while the President has outlined a plan for saving us the Congress is um... the Congress is, well… screwing up.

Obama's 9/11

 When Barack Obama took office, there were not-so-quietly-whispered concerns that he would be tested as George Bush was on 9/11, and it was clearly implied that he wouldn’t be up to the challenge. Now that he is in office, some are waiting for the other shoe to drop and the attacks on our people to begin. What these critics need to realize that the attack on America that Obama must deal with has already happened; it’s was the last eight years of the Bush Presidency.

Libertarianism and Anti-Environmentalism in the Tech World

Recently, a tech blog I started frequenting prominently posted a story reporting the discovery of an error in the Climate Data used by James Hansen to conclude that October was the warmest in years. The comment section for the piece was filled with climate skeptics practically doing a jig and crowing about the “failure of climate science”. While most of the time I just roll my eyes and move on when I come across these folks, I have to admit that I was curious about why the seemingly science friendly tech audience would hold such strong views against climate change science.

Economic Forest Fire May Allow For Green Sprouts

The United States is in the throes of a historic economic conflagration that rivals any of the recent western wildfires. Old Growth industries are withering under the heat of the blaze, “close to the ground” small industry and business have flames licking their heels, and there are serious concerns about what will remain of our economy when the fire runs its course. In a healthy forest a fire is certainly destructive, but also clears the ground of choking underbrush allowing new growth to occur.

The War on Terror is Over

 I took a trip to the Bay Area last week for some much needed recreation. We love it there and stayed in a decent hotel about one block from the beach, looking forward to relaxing and exploring the city. My pleasure trip was brief however, as my attention turned to the historic financial meltdown that is gripping our nation.  

On Puppies and Nuclear Power

With rising energy costs and global warming fears becoming reality, the Nuclear Industry is taking advantage of the feelings of energy insecurity by going on a PR blitz to promote nuclear power. They are flooding the media with commentators calling for a new look at a modern nuclear power to help us solve our environmental crisis. When I hear the proponents of nuclear power and their claims of clean energy, I am instantly reminded of starry-eyed children begging their parents for a puppy, and the hesitant look on the parents faces as the wonder what they are getting themselves into. Pro-Nuclear articles of a similar starry-eyed nature are popping up in media outlets of all kinds, painting visions of green fields, bright cities and clear skies - all thanks to "clean and safe" nuclear power.


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