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Our Mission

When it comes to the environment, there is no more important time than now. People not only need to take action to save our planet, but they need the information required to do so. That is why we created EcoEvolution, to connect citizens to the people and information they need to start making a difference today.

What is EcoEvolution? Put simply, EcoEvolution is you and your desire to change the world. We provide a way to connect your Environmental ideas, interests and concerns with the rest of the world with our Environmental Information and Social Network. But what is great is that you don't just have access to the information and people, you can add your own knowledge as well, building environmental best practices in an evolving and organic way.

Our Toolset

The EcoEvolution User Page

First and foremost is your EcoEvolution profile. Whether you are a mega-environmental organization or simply someone who is looking to green up your lifestyle, your profile is the key to getting started here at EcoEvolution. Creating an account gives you space to let other environmentalists get to know you and your work, as well as keep tabs on the latest updates from other members. Connect and communicate with likeminded individuals and organizations through EcoEvolution.

Finding a Solution Using EcoEvolution's Library

At EcoEvolution, we try to give you the information you need to make your life better and more sustainable.  If you have a question about an issue or practice, or if you are an expert in a particular field or issue, check out the articles in the Library. The Library is a repository for environmental definitions and techniques which are contributed by people with and interest or expertise in the Environmental topics they cover. These articles are available for all to further understanding of Environmental Issues, Technologies and Techniques. If your question isn’t answered by looking in the library try the Forums.

Read the Latest EcoNews

EcoEvolution uses a social news strategy to provide its visitors with news that they personally think is important. EcoEvolution users submit and rank environmental news stories in real time and the top stories make it to the front page of the EcoEvolution news. Critical environmental stories that were buried in traditional media sources now sit prominently for the Environmental Community to use. Find important stories or submit your notable work for the world to see.


   Whether you are Do it Yourself (DIY) Environmentalist or a Professional, an Academic or just someone trying to find an answer to that question about Red Pandas that has always bothered you, EcoEvolution can help connect you to the information you need. Get started today.

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