Clean the Mildew Smell From Clothes Forever

It has happened to you. You left a bunch of towels in the washer overnight. You line-dried your favorite shirt in the basement. You put a wet hoodie in the hamper and forgot about it. You’ve started down a long dark road of pain and smelly misery; the road to mildew stankness. Now you have tried every chemical, every bit of folklore, home remedy and voodoo out there to get rid of the mildew smell, but to no avail. As soon as the clothes come out of the dryer after the latest so-called miracle cure, you can still smell the amazing “I peed myself and have been sitting in it all day” mildew-scent frolicking it’s way into you nose. What's worse is the smell seems to be migrating it’s way into other clothing, setting up shop and ruining all your clothes. Now you’ve given up hope and are about pitch every article of clothing you own in a scorched earth attempt to stop the reeking menace. Don’t throw out your clothes!!!! Try this trick discovered in the labs of EcoEvolution and be free of mildew smell forever!!!

Getting rid of mildew (which is a fungus) is especially difficult because, while disinfectants may kill the active organism, the spores from which the fungus sprout are particularly hardy and can withstand a lot of abuse and still bloom. Getting rid of the spores is what is required to be fully free of mildew and its pungent odor. Having tried a variety of cleaners and disinfectants in series and combination, the one that seems to tip the scales in your favor appears to be OxiClean. Oxiclean is a product that, when mixed with water, essentially becomes hydrogen peroxide and soda ash, and is relatively benign if you use the Frangrance Free form. There are other branded products that work in ways similar to Oxiclean and claim greater health and/or environmental safety, but their effectiveness wasn’t tested for this article (since we ran out of mildewed clothes to try things on.) The product oxygenates the water which apparently both helps kill the mildew fungus as well as completely remove the smell.

Watch how we removed the smell from a shower curtain in our video, try it on your stinkiest clothes, and breathe in the sweet smell of success.

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