Keystone XL and Divestment Campaigns Increase Pressure

In an effort to focus attention on the need to cut global emissions, environmental groups are asking Universities to remove fossil fuel companies from their investment portfolios. While it is clear to both the proponents of the divestment campaign movement and the fossil fuel industry that they target that withdrawing investment will do little to impact the revenue stream of these enormously profitable companies, it will signal that the era of "Drill Baby, Drill!" is truly over, and it is now time to take action.

Further indication that there is a new sense of urgency blowing through the environmental movement, the "Forward on Climate" set to be held on President's Day has a very unlikely backer; The Sierra Club. For the first time in its one hundred and twenty year history, it is authorizing its members to participate in civil disobedience, targeted at stopping the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Executive Director Michael Brune:

“There’s a new level of urgency regarding climate change, and a growing impatience about the lack of political courage that we’re seeing from the president and from leaders in Congress”

The club is even going so far as to assist with bussing members into Washington from across the nation in order to help create "the largest climate rally in history."

Combined with divestment campaigns, there is a clear indication that the environmental movement is powering up for the President's second term and pressure is mounting for a change in direction.

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