What You Need to Know About Latest Climate Report

The latest climate report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lays down some sobering facts; climate change caused by humans is now a certainty, it is happening faster than expected, and there are many impacts we need to address. Climate Progress' Ryan Koronowski lays out 15 things you should take from the report

Obama Pushing for Secret Trade Pact That Would Gut Domestic Protection Laws

The Transpacific Partnership or TPP agreement is a super secret trade deal that is being called NAFTA on steroids. Not even Congress can know the details of the deal, but leaked information shows much of the content is about gutting domestic protections for labor, safety and the environment

Return of the Pink Slime: 7 States Go Back to Meat Byproducts for Schools

Taken off the school lunch menu because of concerns about quality and safety, the ammonia-treated meat is making a comeback. Public schools in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Texas have again placed orders for the cheap meat product dubbed "Pink Slime" to feed to children.

China Plan To Cut Pollution Focuses on Coal

China is facing increasing international and domestic pressure to tackle its incredible pollution problems, specifically the release of greenhouse gases and harmful particulate matter. The Government officially released a plan to take on these challenges by targeting its coal-based industry and vehicle fleets.

US to Spend $48 Million to Improve Vehicle Technology

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced that the Obama Administration will fund 38 R&D projects that seek to improve vehicle technology and increase efficiency. The $48 million funding pool will focus on lightweighting and propulsion materials, affordable, efficient batteries, power electronics, fuels and lubricants, as well as efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems


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