Happy Earth Day 2015.... Now Call Congress

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a so-called trade deal that is being secretly negotiated and will be given a final vote by Congress in the next few months. It is feared the bulk of the plan, a binding agreement that will allow companies and corporations to take governments to a corporate court for perceived infractions of the deal, will gut national environmental and labor protections.

Learn about the TPP here and call Congress to voice your opposition.


Latest EcoNews

What You Need to Know About Latest Climate Report

The latest climate report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lays down some sobering facts; climate change caused by humans is now a certainty, it is happening faster than expected, and there are many impacts we need to address. Climate Progress' Ryan Koronowski lays out 15 things you should take from the report

Obama Pushing for Secret Trade Pact That Would Gut Domestic Protection Laws

The Transpacific Partnership or TPP agreement is a super secret trade deal that is being called NAFTA on steroids. Not even Congress can know the details of the deal, but leaked information shows much of the content is about gutting domestic protections for labor, safety and the environment


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