Happy Earth Day 2015.... Now Call Congress

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a so-called trade deal that is being secretly negotiated and will be given a final vote by Congress in the next few months. It is feared the bulk of the plan, a binding agreement that will allow companies and corporations to take governments to a corporate court for perceived infractions of the deal, will gut national environmental and labor protections.

Learn about the TPP here and call Congress to voice your opposition.


Latest EcoNews

UK Grocery Store Pledges To Reduce Food Waste

Food wasted by grocery stores and their customers is a problem that shouldn't even exist. In an effort to reduce this waste, a grocery store chain in the UK is pledging to reduce waste and to help customers to reduce waste. So far their plan seems a little vague except for making expiration dates more visible but hopefully they will begin making progress soon. Wasting food is such a shame when so many people in the world don't get enough.

Monkey Light Pro Will Light & Rock Your Bike

Cycling at night can be risky even with bike lights which tend to be small. Monkey Light Pro will not only light up your bike in a rock'n way you can customize the image or a small amount of video. Cyclists want to be seen, at least if they want to remain alive and this very cool light system looks like it would more than do the trick.

Dangerous British Egg Collectors

You can of course collect anything. However British egg collectors are risking their teeth and lives to collect rare eggs. The common crane is not so common in Britain anymore and conservationists have one particular egg under 24-hour surveillance. In the past people have gotten broken teeth and even died while trying to collect rare eggs.

Honest School Lunch Documentary By Fourth-Grader

Zachary Maxwell, an intelligent and creative fourth-grader, made a documentary about his school lunch program. He filmed it, wrote it himself and it looks very informative. I love seeing kids bringing attention to the bad food they get at schools. You know they're not just doing it for attention but to actually make the food they have to eat better.


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