NPR Producers Attempt to Spin Fracking, Host & Guests Don't Play Ball

NPR has a history of favorable coverage for both Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) and Nuclear Power, but when a show aired Monday titled "Better Fracking" on NPR's On Point, both guests and host Tom Ashbrook found it hard to say nice things about the process.

Towns In New York Kick Give Fracking The Boot

The state of New York is "trying" to figure out what to do about fracking. While they deliberate many towns across the state are banning fracking within their city limits. I've heard the saying if you want something done right, do it yourself. This seems to be working out for the towns of New York State. Way to go!

Congress Arrests "Gasland" Director

Congress apparently doesn't yet want the public to know about their decision water contamination in an Ohio town. The director of the Emmy-winning "Gasland", Josh Fox, attempted to film the committee meeting on fracking but was arrested. No film crews were allowed in which sort of makes you think they're hiding something we won't like.


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