Wallaby Farts Are Eco-Friendly

Talking about farts may make you giggle but the fact that livestock produces "more than a quarter" of the world's global emissions each year is no laughing matter. Now, wallaby farts are funny and apparently eco-friendly. Their stomachs produce 80% less methane per unit of digestible energy which makes them much more eco-friendly than livestock. Could their low fart ability be given to cows? Scientist would like to try.

FDA Reveals Amount Of Antibiotics Used In Factory Farms

Factory farming is horrible in so many ways. Animals are kept in unsanitary conditions, they are dosed with hormones to increase their growth and they get routine doses of antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to serve their purpose. These drugs end up in our food and of course into our bodies. Just what is the amount of antibiotics used in the factory farms? The FDA finally is releasing the amount, 29 million pounds. Disgusting is one word you could use to describe this and you can probably come up with a few more possibly less well mannered words.
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