Corporate Responsibility

Report Uncovers Corporate Espionage of Non-Profits, Activist Groups

An investigation conducted by the corporate watchdog group Essential Information found that major corporations are allegedly using spying tactics including wiretapping and infiltration against non-profit and activism organizations that oppose their company practices.

Coca-Cola Accused Of Depleting Groundwater In India

A study done in 2008 recommended Coca-Cola shut down one of their plants in India due to a significant loss in groundwater. The plant was not shut down despite last year's drought. A government appointed committee concluded Coca-Cola had not only depleted groundwater but also polluted water resources and could face criminal charges.

Recycling Centers opened in all of Target's Stores

Target announces that they will open recycling centers in all their 1,740 stores nationwide. This seems to be a response to Walmart which is trying to be more sustainable. These recycling centers plan to accept quite an assortment of items which could imply this is not just a token gesture.

Frank Luntz on the Environment, He May Surprise You

For those of you in the know, the name Frank Luntz may raise temperatures as well as eyebrows; Luntz was a campaign strategist who helped devise the Republican "Contract with America" and craft their rollback on environmental protections. Now contracted for the pro-environment side, he is finding some interesting common ground


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