Renewable Energy

No More Coal Power For Apple In N.C.

<p>Greenpeace has finally made headway on getting Apple to use only renewable energy. &nbsp;Though they have been building a huge solar array and a biogas plant they still rely on some coal-powerd energy at their N.C plant. &nbsp;Apple has now announced that by the end of 2012 that plant will be powered only by renewable energy. &nbsp;Keep up the pressure Greenpeace, it can&#39;t be a bad thing.</p>

Norway's Ironic Clean Energy Plan

Norway is planning a billion-dollar renewable fund for developing nations. This is great news but developing nations don't tend to have enough extra money lying around to put towards renewable energy. The irony is that they could fund this themselves due to "being the sixth largest oil exporter in the world...". This is both encouraging and discouraging at the same time.

100% Renewable Energy For San Fran By 2020

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee has announced that he plans to make the city run on 100% renewable energy by 2020. This is very grand news and very encouraging. If San Francisco can do it then it just might be possible for the rest of the U.S. We don't even have to rely solely on solar power but a combination of solar and other renewable energies would probably be more effective anyway.

Mandating Energy Storage In California May Become Reality

California is considering mandating energy storage. This mandate would mean that during peak demand energy would come from wind, solar and other intermittent sources. By 2020 California wants renewable sources to provide 33 percent of their energy. This is ambitious but encouraging.


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