Non-Toxic Bras From Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret may not be a paragon of green goodwill. Their recent promise to make their products non-toxic is however is a good step in the green direction. Greenpeace has been pressuring big companies to make their products environmentally friendly and obviously that pressure is making a difference. Too bad Victoria's Secret didn't make this change of their own accord.

No More Coal Power For Apple In N.C.

<p>Greenpeace has finally made headway on getting Apple to use only renewable energy. &nbsp;Though they have been building a huge solar array and a biogas plant they still rely on some coal-powerd energy at their N.C plant. &nbsp;Apple has now announced that by the end of 2012 that plant will be powered only by renewable energy. &nbsp;Keep up the pressure Greenpeace, it can&#39;t be a bad thing.</p>

Athletic Shoe Companies Pledge To Ban Chemicals

After Nike and Puma pledged to take hazardous chemicals out of their supply chain, Addidas wants to follow suit. This is certainly a responsible decision, however their pledge of a zero discharge of hazardous chemicals won't happen until 2020. This action is a response to Greenpeace's Detox campaign and I wonder if they would have even bothered without pressure from Greenpeace?

Greenpeace Report Identifies ClimateGate Attacks Funder

Greenpeace releases a report that identifies oil and manufacturing giant Koch Industries as being behind a significant amount of the organized global warming skepticism, and accuses the billionaire directly of funding attacks like Climategate and of trying to torpedo clean tech
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