Slideshow: 7 Worst Polluting Power Plants

<p>There are a lot of articles out there about power plants being bad polluters but there are some that are the worst. &nbsp;This slideshow gives shows you the seven worst polluting power plants on the East Coast and one who is trying to be cleaner. &nbsp;Hey, at least if you live far away from these places you can breath a little deeper.</p>

Blame James Bond For Nuclear Power's Bad Image

Most of us concerned about our environment know that nuclear power is bad. Toxic is another appropriate word for it as well as dangerous. According to David Phillips, president of the Royal Society of Chemistry, it is James Bond's fault in Dr. No that gave us the idea that nuclear power is bad. Really?! I guess we can't think for ourselves after all.

Top 20 Banks Funding Coal

We put our money in banks to keep it safe as well as grow it. Maybe we should look at whether our bank is hurting the environment with out money. Many banks are in fact funding big coal with our hard earned money and that should make us angry. Here is a list of the top twenty banks funding big coal. You may want to move your money elsewhere after reading.

Slap On The Wrist For Chevron Spill

The latest oil spill, off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, is really just one more tiny mistake on Chevron's part. Since they were only fined half a day's profit for the spill they certainly shouldn't feel very responsible. I'm surprised we don't just give companies responsible for oil spills a stern word and send them on their way. No wonder they care so little for the damage they cause.

Former EPA Whistleblower Blasts Lisa Jackson, Gore and Obama

Former EPA employee Marsha Coleman-Adebayo speaks about her dismissal from the EPA for refusing to turn a blind eye to US multinational abuses under the Clinton/Gore Administration, and has tough words for Lisa Jackson's backing off of regulations under pressure from the Obama Whitehouse.


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