Saving Water By Dry Dyeing Clothing

Having tie-dyed shirts many times, I have to admit it does take a lot of water to dye. Honestly I had never thought of all the water wasted to dye the worlds clothing. Of course I'm not the only one who didn't think about the water waste problem. Adidas has developed a way to "DryDye" one line of their clothing and have seriously reduced water waste. I hope this technique can be applied to all of their clothing.

Magic Mountain Polluting River In California

<p>Magic Mountain in California is known for family fun but might soon be known for polluting a river as well. &nbsp;They have so many people walk through their doors with a lot of trash produced. &nbsp;However that is no excuse for dumping pollutants into Santa Clara River. &nbsp;They better get their act together.</p>

Water From Air For Desert Living

Deserts do have water its just more complicated to get to it. Instead of drilling for water or diverting rivers, Eole Water gets water from the air. Its not really that weird especially if you've used a de-humidifier. A turbine that Eole Water is implementing creates a fair amount of water from just one turbine. What could they do with several?

Minorities Specifically Targeted By Nestle

Recently Nestle was asked if they market specifically to minority communities. The answer they gave was yes, and they really do push their products with Latino-specific brands. They claim they are helping Latinos fight obesity by pushing their bottle water as an alternative to sugary drinks. There couldn't possibly be any other alternative than Nestle bottled water right?

Indigenous Brazilian Tribes Protest Dam In Amazon

In apparent disregard for it's own indigenous people, the Brazilian government is pushing ahead with a dam in the Amazon river basin. The indigenous tribes that would be affected are protesting in Brasilia outside the National Congress. Brazil's Energy Minister claims the tribes will be relocated and compensated. Maybe he would like to be relocated to a choice not of his choosing and unfairly compensated without any say. That sounds like a plan to me.


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