Iowa Republicans Terrified Of Green

Republicans won't take any environmentally friendly nonsense. Sustainable development practices which were outlined in the U.N.'s Agenda 21 are striking fear into their silly hearts. They plan to institute a bill that would keep that agenda from being followed. Yes, a clean and green environment is truly scary. Run in fear from clean air, water and food you backwoods thinking republican Iowans!!

Iowa Senate Passes "Ag Gag" Bill to Punish Whistleblowers

The Iowa Senate has passed House File 589 which would make it a crime to videotape at farms or other animal operations while undercover. Demanded by industry allegedly to halt bad publicity from revealed abusive/unsafe practices, critics say it is a move to punish whistleblowers and harms the reputation of Iowa agricultural as well as likely being unconstitutional

Monsanto Funding Anti-Whistleblower Bill In Iowa

Monsanto doesn't want anyone in Iowa blowing the whistle on them. That's not really a surprise but how about them funding an anti-whistleblower bill in Iowa. What's really sick about this is that they go to great lengths to snoop around farmers' land to root out "seed thieves" but if you want to expose them for what they are it could soon truly be against the law.

Iowa Governor Calls For Limits on Fertilizer Use By Farmers

Calling the pollution levels in Iowa's rivers, lakes and streams "unacceptable" Iowa Governor Chet Culver suggested that Iowa should consider limiting how much fertilizer farmers are allowed to use on their fields, saying that the voluntary system of regulation isn't working

Herbicides Threatening Midwest Wineries

<p> It may surprise you but Iowa and Nebraska produce wine. Iowa has 32 licensed wineries and 230 grape vineyards. Of course, those of us who do live in the Midwest know corn is not the only thing Iowa is known for. Soy beans and corn have been genetically engineered to be resistant to a broadleaf herbicide called 2, 4-D, but grapes are especially vulnerable to it. No one wants weeds in their garden especially farmers, so the desire for herbicides is understandable. Another solution must be found so that other crops don&#39;t suffer simply because weeds are so hated.</p>


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