Air Pollution

China Plan To Cut Pollution Focuses on Coal

China is facing increasing international and domestic pressure to tackle its incredible pollution problems, specifically the release of greenhouse gases and harmful particulate matter. The Government officially released a plan to take on these challenges by targeting its coal-based industry and vehicle fleets.

Slideshow: 7 Worst Polluting Power Plants

<p>There are a lot of articles out there about power plants being bad polluters but there are some that are the worst. &nbsp;This slideshow gives shows you the seven worst polluting power plants on the East Coast and one who is trying to be cleaner. &nbsp;Hey, at least if you live far away from these places you can breath a little deeper.</p>

Children's Health Not Important To U.S. Chamber Of Commerce

EPA Chief Lisa P. Jackson's stance on ozone regulations is decidedly pro-children's health. This seems to be the correct attitude for any EPA Chief and should really be no surprise. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce scoffs that her stance will negatively effect the economy and of course that is always more important then the health of our nation's children.

Non-Existent Farm Dust Regulations In Danger From GOP

Republicans keep harping on the EPA and its supposed track record of destroying jobs. Apparently the mighty giant that is the EPA will be crushed by the even mightier Republican Party. The most recent effort is the most idiotic to date. Republicans in both the Senate and the House of Representatives are planning to get rid of "farm dust regulations". Unfortunately for them no such regulations exist. Freeing farmers of regulations that they don't even "suffer" from seems at best moronic.

Coal Power Is Bad, But Not For The Poor

Environmental and "green" groups have successfully pressured the World Bank into restricting the money it gives coal-fired power stations. Yay! But wait, the World Bank will be giving grants and loans for coal-fired power to the very poorest countries. In actuality coal is bad but for poor people coal is alright. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy?


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