Bottled Water

Bottled Water Fights Back Against College Students

Those poor bottled water companies, they are suffering an injustice at the hands of mean college students on various college campuses. College students are tired of the waste of bottled water knowing full well how easy it is to bring their own water to class. This pro-bottled water on campus video provided by the bottled water companies tries to claim a ban of bottled water would be an injustice to all as well as affect their health adversely. Its just plain silly.

Minorities Specifically Targeted By Nestle

Recently Nestle was asked if they market specifically to minority communities. The answer they gave was yes, and they really do push their products with Latino-specific brands. They claim they are helping Latinos fight obesity by pushing their bottle water as an alternative to sugary drinks. There couldn't possibly be any other alternative than Nestle bottled water right?
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