Here we go: good morning!

Several years of preparation. Plenty of ideas to implement. We want to act in an eco-style. And here is This is a space to talk about how to improve our environment. What to do so that we can breathe freely.

Scientists, brilliant minds, explorers all over the world: in garages, laboratories, but also in large factories, they come up with solutions that have the power to improve. searches for such goodies and does everything to ensure that they do not land in a drawer, but rather that the inhabitants of large agglomerations can use them.

An idea that is not implemented is only worth 1 PLN at most. It serves no one. It changes nothing. So what should be done to make these ‘game-changing’ projects see the light of day?

We meet in the Eco Evolution strategic studio and draw up a plan which is implemented step by step under strict supervision.

We finance some of the projects from our own resources, and we look for external funding for others. These important projects are covered by a confidentiality agreement in the first phase, so we cannot always describe them in the initial phase, but there will come a time for that to happen.

The year 2020 is a special year. The saying has worked: “‘May you live in interesting times’. We are alive. We have made a key decision, we are not waiting a day longer, the world needs action here and now.

This year we will focus on air quality. We will carry out a nationwide campaign which will show city authorities, developers, architects but, above all, residents what solutions the world has already come up with and which projects can be included. This website is our most important space on the Internet. Check it out from time to time, or even more frequently. Paweł Lisowski, author of the project, which is implemented by the Re:kreatywna association Project supported by a strategic partner: RW Group

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