Radio Zet

The birthday ecomural of Radio Zet had the power of 155 trees.  It is completely covered with KNOxOUT anti-smog paint.

1 sq. m covered with KNOxOUT paint daily reduces to 0.44 g of nitrogen oxides. For comparison: a medium-sized tree filters 0.42 g per day. Hence the name: KNOxOUT – “out”, i.e. we disperse harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Under the influence of sunlight, a chemical reaction is triggered, which converts the most harmful pollutants into less harmful substances. (KNOxOUT – read more)

Why is it important to use anti-smog paint?

Air quality is one of the main environmental problems. The greatest pollution is caused by exhaust fumes from passenger cars, bad fuel we use to heat our homes, and of course industry.

We must remember to plant as many trees as possible. However, there are places where there is no more free space to plant sufficient amount of them. Then we should take advantage of technological advances which, with little effort, help to care for the environment.

The RW Group is a partner.