EcoEvolution tomorrow starts today

Every day in every corner of the world, brilliant minds find solutions that can change everything. What is everything?
We will paint that much m2 in 2 years!
0 m2

Our environment is
our greatest treasure

All we want is to bring together people who know that action is rescue. We believe in the power of small steps, which millions of people have taken, have untamed power.

We are changing
urban space

Around this symbolic tree, scientists, strategists, governmental, public and private institutions meet. We are working out solutions that change urban space.
EcoEvolution implements innovative projects that change the world because they clean the air. Let us do everything to make it easier for everyone to breathe.

What should be done to make the city health-friendly for its residents?


The first paint in the world, which absorbs smog

Paint white!

Let’s enjoy the white colour in urban space

Green walls

Green walls in city centres

Column 2.0

Advertising posts with function air filtration

We are waiting for you!

So you have come up with something groundbreaking, or have you perfected something that has made life easier? We invite you to our strategic studio.
Paweł Lisowski, phone. 790 897 789