Happy Earth Day 2015.... Now Call Congress

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a so-called trade deal that is being secretly negotiated and will be given a final vote by Congress in the next few months. It is feared the bulk of the plan, a binding agreement that will allow companies and corporations to take governments to a corporate court for perceived infractions of the deal, will gut national environmental and labor protections.

Learn about the TPP here and call Congress to voice your opposition.


Latest EcoNews

Plastic Challenge

Last week an interesting challenge took place sponsored by the Keep a Breast Foundation. Though they educate young people about breast cancer they also care about the over abundance of plastic in our lives. Several people participated in their Plastic Sucks Challenge and I think we all can learn something from them as well as doing a Plastic Challenge of our own. After looking at the picture of a weeks worth of plastic used by the author, I feel like I need to examine my own use of plastics.

Coffee Pods Are Evil

I personally don't really understand people's fascination with coffee pods. Coffee is so much better freshly ground and brewed. It takes so little time to grind beans, add water to your press or machine, and then brew. The result is certainly worth it which is why the wasteful coffee pods that Illy as well as other companies are pushing make no sense. Illy is feeling bad about their wasteful plastic pods that will end up in landfills and so they are encouraging people to bring in their used pods to the store for recycling. Yes, recycling is good.

Ukulele Flash Mob On Canadian Subway

A recent ukulele flash mob on a Canadian subway just proves how nice Canadians are. They were playing at 8:00am which might make you a little grouchy on your morning commute. However subway riders seemed happy and upbeat with the whole experience. If all subways had fun entertainment like this, maybe even more people would be interested in mass transit. It could get really wild with buses and cabs providing upbeat complimentary musicians.

Teacup Bracelets

Bone china teacups are pretty classy drinking vessels. If you have a mismatched set or come across a couple pretty teacups in a thrift store you can do more than just drink out of them. An artist from the UK, Abigail MaryRose Clark, is taking lovely bone china teacups and turning them into bracelets. Bone china is more durable than other types of china which lends them to this purpose quite well. Old things being turned into useful items instead of them ending up in a landfill is always nice to see.

Veggie Bus Needs Help In The Bronx

The "Veggie Mobile Market" is colorful old school bus which runs on vegetable oil. This snazzy and healthy bus is the brainchild of Tanya Fields, food-justice advocate who wants to bring a local farms produce to those in need in the Bronx. Her bus however needs a new transmission and so she needs your help. This is a good cause and I hope will be very successful.

Turtles In Sweaters

If you can put chickens in sweaters, why not put turtles in sweaters? Actually the sweaters that Katie Bradley makes and sells on Etsy.com are more decorative than an actual sweater. She claims the purpose is to make your turtle more visible in your yard, thus easier to find. I suppose as long as you are out there with your turtle hawks may stay away. It is a lot sillier than chickens in sweaters though. I'm still giggling about it.


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